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"They make the rest of it matter."

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It always seems a little odd how much I enjoy a night out with a friend I haven't seen for a while. I mean, of course I like seeing them, but just standing around, talking about nothing important* just always winds up being a good time. It's not making big plans, or discussing big plans**... That matters but it's not the same thing.

I do enjoy hanging out with the people I see often, of course. It's a different kind of enjoyment, though, and clearly not one that leads me to much contemplation (cf. the lack of posts like this about sitting around with people I see all the time). Maybe it's just that you run out of steam, sometimes, talking about unimportant things with people you see frequently. Maybe it's just me.

I've had three panels from one of Neil Gaiman's Death comics open in Photoshop for a few days. No good reason, I just like thoughts he put in the character's head and have had vague intentions for using it somewhere, or just putting it up on Facebook or something. This seems like as good a place as any. Links to a larger image.

(Death: The Time of Your Life, issue 3. Written by Neil Gaiman, drawn by Mark Buckingham)

I don't know if she (and, by extension, Mr. Gaiman) is talking about moments quite as little and - ultimately - probably inconsequential as the ones I'm talking about, but still.

The unimportant things, by nature, don't matter very much. Being able to stand around and talk about them for a few hours (or more) with a friend, meanderingly, with no goal for the conversation in sight, though... That does matter. Quite a bit, I think.

* Well, mostly. There were important things, too, but wondering when "Safety Dance" came out (1983 - we were both off by a few years by thinking it was around '86 or '87), among other conversation topics, isn't an important thing.

** Little plans, tentative and dependent on at least dozens of variables, are a different matter.
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